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by Ruth Tillman Designs

creating COMMUNITY through CRAFTING!

Modern Embroidery Kits + Creative Craft Sets

Hand Curated Crafts Driven by a Passion for Fiber Arts

Ruth Tillman Designs | A boutique Bay Area crafter inspiring generations of makers through unique fiber art projects, personalized virtual training, and most importantly, ever-evolving craft kits driven by a desire to use quality materials, vibrant colors and fun-loving creative designs in every piece!

As a crafty, eccentric and fun-loving artist to the core, I have been a lifelong lover of creativity. My mission with Ruth Tillman Designs is to introduce fun, approachable and inspiring designs that showcase my passion for fiber arts, and celebrate the thousands of amazing students that I have had the privilege of teaching over the years.

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I personally design, develop and assemble all craft art kits, at home, in my East Bay loft. So of course, all kits are stuffed with love and laughter in the USA. 


From arts and crafts for kids, to beginning sewing kits for adults, fall in love with my hand curated sets intentionally designed for all ages and experience levels. Sewing and creative arts are a fun, straight-forward way to keep busy, engaged and learn from the comforts of anywhere! 

When it comes to the best activities for kids (especially when cooped up at home for months on end!), sewing crafts encourage focus, creativity and imagination, while simultaneously developing coordination and motor skills for children of all ages.

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