Hello, Ruth here! 


As a crafty, eccentric and fun-loving artist to the core, I have been a lifelong lover of creativity. 


Through the imperfectly perfect insanity of being a working, single momma of three free-spirited kiddos (now young adults!), I have celebrated my skills for years as an Art Teacher, by teaching creative arts and developing engaging ways to educate and entertain kids and adults through craft.


After years of endlessly searching for fun, straight-forward ways to teach and learn sewing, I was constantly disappointed by the lack of handmade, quality embroidery kits, craft sets, and sewing projects for beginners.


So of course my limitless entrepreneurial + artistic spirit took over in 2009, and from the overstuffed corner of my quaint Bay Area bungalow, I began creating my own handmade embroidery kits.


Over the past two decades, every color and detail have been carefully thought through by me.  My creativity is driven by my desire to use quality materials, vibrant colors and fun designs in every piece, products and patterns. From arts and crafts for kids, to beginning sewing kits for adults, I have fallen in love with developing hand curated sets for anyone, and everyone. 


I personally design the prints and assemble all kits, at home, in my East Bay loft. So of course, all kits are stuffed with love and laughter in the USA. 


Between workshops, after school classes, YouTube video tutorials, and hundreds of hours of judgement-free, laughter-filled virtual training sessions, I have been fortunate enough to share my passion of sewing, embroidery, knitting, crocheting and crafting with thousands of students.


Fiber Arts are truly my passion and I adore all aspects from creating, pattern-making and teaching. Whether a young beginner, an aspiring artist, a not-so-aspiring “mom makes me” kinda kiddo, or an experienced seamstress-to-be, I especially take pleasure in passing these wonderfully relaxing arts to the amazing and talented people I teach.


Sewing and creative arts are a fun, straight-forward way to keep busy, engaged and learn from the comforts of anywhere! When it comes to the best activities for kids (especially when cooped up at home for months on end!), sewing crafts encourage focus, creativity and imagination, while simultaneously developing coordination and motor skills for children of all ages. 


And don’t worry - you are not on your own! I personally train students through YouTube training videos, virtual class or workshop, or in personal Zoom training appointments where my passion for teaching takes over! 


All training videos, classes and appointments are all ways to learn!! Feel free to pick the option that works best for you and schedule your virtual crafting workshop, or Contact me [link to contact form or email] directly.


Last but not least, where to begin? My Crafty Creature Kits are a forever favorite and include dozens of designs for all ages and skill levels.


Feel free to contact me with any ideas, inspiration, questions, suggestions or to share your own passion for creativity and handmade inspiration.


With handcrafted love + laughter,


Owner | Ruth Tillman Design