LOCAL in Schools

Piedmont Elementary Classes

From dutch artists’ paintings on porcelain, to Monet’s infamous gardens, to Warhol’s paintings of Mickey Mouse, students from Grades K - 5 learn Art Through History. 


These weekly virtual classes take students through art history by learning about famous artists and then recreating their own replicas in a variety of mediums.

Eight - hour long class sessions are available for Piedmont Elementary students from November 30th - February 8th. Click below to learn more!

Alameda Education Foundation Enrichment Classes

Learn about different artists and paint like them or how to stitch a fun stuffy or even learn how to bake yummy treats in your own kitchen.

Weekly virtual classes including Art Through History, Hand Sewing Plushies and Baking are being offered to students in the city of Alameda start the first week of February 2021 and end the last week of March 2021.  


Eight 1-hour long virtual class sessions are available through Alameda Education Foundation.  Registration starts January 7, 2021​.  Click below to learn more!