Interested in having the fun Ruth provides at one of your parties or events?  From Team Building to Birthdays!  Scroll below to see the various types of items you can make with your friends.  


Ruth will come for 3 hours and with all the supplies needed to make or start making a fun project for up to 8 students.

Cost:  $360

This includes:

Instruction for 3 hours 



Up to 8 kits of your choosing



Choose from a variety of felt characters for your party.  Each guest will get 3 kits to make. 

These are small projects and great for ages 8+

Crafty Creatures and Creative Masks are fun ways to learn embroidery.  Many types are available and can be seen in my shop.  Each kit comes with thread, front patterned fabric, backing, and more.

Project, likely won't be finished at a party but all supplies will be given to finish at home.

Learn how to crochet and knit. These skills have been passed down through generations. They are now found to be a wonderful way to relax and create a sense of meditation. The best thing is you get to make 

something while you relax. You can learn either knit and or crochet. You will learn how to read patterns and more.

Pixels are a fun way to create.  Supplies will be brought to make friendship pins, diamond bracelets, pixel cookies or Perler bead fun.

Sew a treasure to wear.  These little pieces are a great way to have fun with thread.

Animals printed that are turned into 3D sculptures with simply scissors, folding, and glue.  Guests can make up to 5 of these.

Make micro diorama's or small fun scenes with a variety of mediums such as paper, paint glue, tins, boxes, fabric and more.  Let your creativity shine through these charming 

Come play with rocks, paint, leaves, thread, sticks, ink and more.  Make art out of natural items.

Inspired by Anime and Animation we will make 3D characters from clay.  

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