Do you need all the stuff?  


This Deluxe Starter Kit includes your choice of a Crafty Creature Kit, a 5 oz Bag of Stuffy Guts a.k.a. Fluff, a Susan Bates 6" embroidery hoop, a pair of Titanium 5.5"scissors, and a Colonial Tapestry Needle Threader.



Crafty Creatures are kits that were developed for me to help my sewing students learn various sewing techniques.



Every Kit Includes:

     - 100% cotton panel custom printed in the US.

     - Embroidery thread

     - Needle

     - Illustrated stitch guide and instructions


You will need:

     - Scissors

     - 5/6”Hoop

     - Stuffing

     - Sewing Machine or Needle and Standard Thread


Recommended age 5+


This listing is only for the kit. NOT the finished plush.


If you'd like to send this as a gift please put the request in the notes and it will be wrapped for you.

Deluxe Crafty Creatures Starter Kit