Dino Dig is such a great kit to make for those dinosaur lovers!  He many simple outlines to stitch and a few plants and bugs to offer pops of color.


Crafty Creature ANIMALS  are kits that were developed for me to help my sewing students learn various of sewing techniques.  

These kits are great for beginners all the way to advanced embroiderers.  You can choose how difficult to stitch.


To see the walk through VIDEO of Dino Dig click here!

Every Kit Includes:
- 100% cotton panel custom printed in the US.
- Embroidery thread
- Needle
- Illustrated stitch guide and instructions

You will need:
- Scissors
- 5/6”Hoop
- Stuffing
- Sewing Machine or Needle and Standard Thread

Recommended age 5+



Dino Dig Sewing Kit